First Post!

•August 29, 2010 • 1 Comment

So, I find myself feeling as if I am staring off a huge cliff with a parachute on my back. The two most prevalent thoughts are these: 1)Will the pack open and make this “blogging experience” something positive and memorable,  or, on the contrary, will I look back at a disaster of a blog and a wasted few weeks trying something different; 2)Will this be something that has a lasting impact? 

As I consider those two thoughts, I am content in not knowing the answer to the former (at least for the time being). Now, as for the second, I will share briefly that I have a strong conviction that any investment, whether by time, money, emotion, or any other type of currency should have a lasting impact on someone. If this blog fails to serve that purpose, it will cease to exist as my efforts should certainly be refocused in a more effective direction.

What kind of blog is this you ask? Great question! This will be a personal blog, a business blog, a satirical blog, a life-update blog, and an externally processed thought blog. I hope that lets you know that the themes will vary greatly but each post will hopefully have some sliver of significance and application in your own life. If not, please feel free to comment.

Please feel free to offer your own thoughts on the subjects raised in any particular post.

I am very excited to jump in on this 6-year-old wave that is blogging and ride it until my time is done, and I hope that you will share a similar level of excitement after a week or so.